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SIX x GroundX bringing the diversity and inclusion to the community

Recap from SIX Network Meet up III powered by Bitfish and Ground X

How SIX Network use blockchain to empower Digital Creator.

With over 100 people who joined to SIX Network Meetup III powered by Ground X & Bitfish on the 2 May 2019, where we learned many things about blockchain empowering and CODE culture.

Our 2 CO- CEO enjoyed their presentation during the meet up.

According to Vachara Aemavat and Moo Natavudh — Co-CEO of SIX Network,

“SIX Network empower digital creators and foresee to establish DIGITAL BANKING for Creative Industries. We are connecting with many potential start-up companies to implement SIX to their service and extend user to several platforms.”

SIX Network successfully launch the pilot information based lending with Top Bank in Thailand

From the business collaboration between SIX Network and Krungsri Consumer, We collect the data from Ookbee creator and expect to deliver QR payments, in-app OTc services, and debit card, as well as a personal loan for the freelance who don’t have a stable statement to making loans for the traditional financial institution.

After we include creator information, we receive new model performance result for info based lending.

By using data analytics with the factor on the creator context like how much they have been spending on writing or public the contents as well as the number of their fan who willing to purchase their creative work.

Now we have at least 3,500 people to be accepted our first loan which 70% from 5,000 creators. With the practice, SIX Network can contribute to the revolution of financial services that equipped with the attribute of Data Driven Bank.

SIXR pilot launch in Thailand

SIXR performance in the first month of pilot launch

Besides, SIXR, the next generation wallet performed its performance with more than 10,000 downloads in 1 month and the amount of spending growth sharply. Nevertheless, We plan to extent SIX to more significant exchange in this year.

CODE Culture: Building the future community

Bo Nisanart as Moderator with 3 guest speakers from difference community. Sanjay Cryptomind, Toy DataRockie and Phong 3DS Interactive

In the panel discussion session, they started talking about how to develop blockchain, Developer and AI community and how to make it sustainable.

The primary key of the dynamic community is building trust, share valuable knowledge, create an opportunity to bring people closer.

“The main idea is how’s the developer community is giving the competitive edge to the growth of business enterprise in the technology world. Imagine how many innovation ideas born in the friendly developer community around the world?”

GroundX & Klaytn Hackathon

For the last session we had 성기준(KJ), and Brian Han from Ground X talked about “Ground X project milestone and the Klaytn Hackathon.”

KJ & Brian presented their project and GroundX ‘s Klaytn Hackathon

Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of Korea’s largest mobile platform, Kakao. By developing a scalable blockchain platform with efficient blockchain services, Ground X aspires to achieve mass adoption of blockchain-empowered services as to prove the value and utility of blockchain technology.

“Ground X has launched Klaytn Hackathon, designed for developers to create BApps (Blockchain Applications) on the Klaytn’s public test-net, Baobab. Klaytn allows developers to build service-centric, user-oriented BApps.”

“We want to provide equal access and chances to everyone who contributes to the platform.” Said, Brian

You can apply on “”

GroundX’ s partner including SIX Network will select the four winners. And the two winning teams will receive the big prize and ticket to Korea for their ‘TXGX’ which is the tech conference organised by GroundX at the end of the year.

However, for those who were not able to join our meet up, you can watch our live VDO by clicking the link.

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