Team sitting around a table watching a presenter pointing to sticky notes on a wall
Photo by Leon on Unsplash

6-week tranches — our experiment

  • 6-week tranches mean 2 projects per quarter — when we define our product roadmap, our approach isn’t unique. We set horizons for 3/6/12 months into the future. The further into the future we look, the less granular we get.
  • Before we kick off each tranche, we try and define our minimal lovable product/feature and prioritise stories so that the further into the tranche we get, the easier the decision becomes to drop said stories. Stories that are dropped resurface if our end users feel strongly enough about them.
  • Our ceremonies/rituals loosely borrow from the tangential testing pyramid framework. If necessary, we re-define our product roadmap and decide on the upcoming tranches quarterly, kick-off tranches every six weeks, prioritise features weekly, and deliver daily.
  • The first week of each tranche is allocated to making an investment in our technology. It isn’t the only time allocated to improving our technology, but it is an allocated period of time that allows us to tackle significant debt.



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