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A Hidden Piece of the Past: Heritage Listed Mailbox

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Sandi Parsons
2 min readJan 22, 2023


The things this mailbox has seen!

Since 1876, this mailbox has sat at the corner of Surry St and North Rd in Bassendean. It is the longest continually running mailbox in Western Australia.

Gerry Coleman campaigned for the heritage listing — a process that took three years.

“Even though Australia Post have attempted to remove this piece of unique history on two occasions, it surprises me greatly that our local council didn’t see fit to have it put on the State Heritage Register to protect it forever.” Gerry Coleman.

The hexagonal design is based on mailboxes found in the United Kingdom in the 1850s. The design was standard in WA until 1901, when the Commonwealth took over the Australian mail system.

Letter writing seems to be a lost art these days, but I still remember the magic of receiving letters as a child.



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