Kensington Market, Toronto. Photo by Vidya Sury ©

Airing My Laundry For All To See

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “3”

Skirts fluttering overhead beckoning to buyers.

Kensington Market is among Toronto’s charming vintage neighborhoods. After a morning at CN Tower, we decided to have lunch at the fabulous Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant. The lunch was so sumptuous that we had to stroll around the area and I am so glad we did.

We wandered to Kensington Market and were dazzled by its gorgeous, colorful Victorian-style architecture, pretty shopfronts selling all kinds of stuff, both retro and modern, its artistic displays, wall murals, local eats, bars, and lots more.

We heard that it is a hub for artists and activists — and in fact saw a large group dancing and demonstrating their cause. Of course, we stopped to watch. There were artists selling their ware on the streets.

I loved the unique garment displays — they were ultra-cool. I mean, what’s not to like with a shop called “Courage my love”?

I caught these three skirts fluttering in the breeze and instantly wanted one of them. But no, did not buy. I wish I had, though! Funny thing is, several shops sold identical ones and varying prices.

Thank you Mary Chang Story Writer for taking me down memory lane with my photo albums. You come up with the best prompts! And you also post superb photos! Loved your mystery threesome!

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