Unfinished pillar in Karnak with names carved in the sandstone | Photo Credit Sandi Parsons

Australian Soldiers Left Their Mark on Egypt

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Sandi Parsons
2 min readApr 25, 2022


Carved names sit alongside ancient hieroglyphics.

I was stunned at the desecration.

Why would anyone do that?

“Aren’t you offended by the carved names?” I asked my guide.

He shook his head, “Carving names isn’t allowed anymore. But those that are there are part of the history. Some of them are from Australian soldiers. Your people.” He nodded at me smiling.

“Some marks were made when they defended this land in World War II. If your soldiers hadn’t come, Egypt might look different today. Maybe more temples would have been destroyed. But their names and that they defended Egypt are part of Egypt’s history now. Many explorers carved their names also. That’s history and cannot be erased.”

It still didn't sit right. But I looked at the names carefully after that. My Pop served in Egypt.

Would I find a G. King somewhere? George King? G.O. King?

Or proof positive — George Oglesby King?

Because surely, while there are many people called George King in the world, how many could boast Oglesby as their middle name?



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