January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Self”

I wonder if Ronnie misses me?

As you can see, obviously, I had quite a pleasant afternoon with Ronald McDonald. When this outlet opened near our place, we were — or rather, our son was — quite excited. The thought of walking down the road to grab a burger (with the accompanying toy) was exciting for him. I still have the Spongebob glass and a straw with Patrick wrapped around it — which we got with the first Happy Meal he enjoyed there. Also, still have the large cutout of the two, that we cajoled the manager to give us. Which he did, quite amusedly.

Then we took turns to sit with Ronnie and take photos. Let me hasten to assure you that my friendship with Ronnie is purely platonic. We just loved to sit together and watch the world go by as we enjoyed the buzz of the traffic, with the lull of voices around us in the warm afternoon sunshine. It was the perfect spot to rest as we strolled around our local market, provided there was no one else sitting on the bench, besides Ronnie, of course. Happy times. It has been a while since I saw Ronnie.

I wonder if he misses me? I do have friends in strange places!

Thank you Mary Chang Story Writer, for the trip down memory lane. I am wallowing in nostalgia as I look at my photos. And I am still picking my jaw off the floor from watching your headstands.

But yeah, I am glad to say I HAVE tried the Superwoman pose! Thank you!

I invite you to please go to the home page of our Six Word Photo Story Challenge and feast your eyes on the fabulous photos of my incredibly talented photo-buddies: Dennett, David Acaster, Linda Acaster, Penny Grubb, Gauri Sirur, Anne Bonfert, Ellie Jacobson, Hollie Petit, Ph.D., Kris Bedenian, Barb Dalton, James Jordan, B.R. Shenoy, Sharing Randomly, pockett dessert, Susan Alison, Sandi Parsons, Diana Lotti



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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