Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons | Chilli as a puppy wearing an Australian Flag bandana.

Born and Bred in Australia

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Hometown Pride”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readJan 9, 2023


Chilli’s a true blue Aussie dog.

It was 1825, and Thomas Hall had a problem.

The cattle dogs sent from England were used to well-behaved cows that only needed to be herded a short distance. Australian cattle were half-wild and needed to be herded over vast distances in a harsh climate.

Dingoes had adapted to the unforgiving Australian outback, and their bark, unlike that of a dog, was short and sharp. They were perfect for rounding up cattle. Apart from the small problem that dingoes couldn’t be domesticated.

So Hall began a breeding program. He crossed the dogs from England with dingoes. Then he crossbred the pups until he was happy with the resulting canine—the Australian Cattle Dog.

The Australian Cattle Dog, also commonly known as a Heeler — because they like to give your heels a quick nip now and then if you’re not heading in the right direction — come in two colors, blue and red.

The blue coloring comes from the English dogs (reports vary about which breeds they were but possibly Northumbria with a blue coat), while the red is from the dingo line. Most Heelers sport a bushy tail (except stumpies!) and a double coat that’s a…



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