Yes I have a roti fixation! Rolled dough on granite kitchen counter — Vidya Sury ©

Bring Your Own Smile, Because I am Collecting!

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Collecting Smiles”

I have this freaky habit of creating a smile out of everything. I carve smiles on veggies, I arrange things in the formation of a smile. Clearly, my mom always telling me to “be cheerful”, “turn that frown upside down”, “it is hard to stay mad or angry when you’re smiling” . . . must have paid off.

Then, we’ve had the pleasure of having a lot of kids over to our place . . . I was our neighborhood’s voluntary babysitter. When others were out playing, I’d be pushing a pram or chilling with other little kids, telling them stories and giggling with them. Quite likely some folks thought I was strange.

At least I have the credit of being able to make any child eat — thanks to arranging their plates attractively and building a story around it.

And thus, even now, when I make rotis (yes — they play a big role in my diet and life), after I roll out the dough, I arrange it in a smile.

It must be true what is said about family members beginning to resemble one another . . . my folks do that too, now. Heh!

Soon I will roll those out with the rolling pin, and cook them on the griddle and flip them on the fire (sounds like torture to the rotis even as they fill my home with a heavenly and appetizing aroma!) and hope that there’ll be a smiling roti!



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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