Spelling Vidya Sury’s name via book titles. © Vidya Sury

Call Me By My Name . . . in Books

Six Word Photo Story: Freestyle

Soon, I’ll add mine to this!

I can dream, can’t I? I was so excited when I saw Ellie’s challenge. I looked enviously at Ellie’s, Penny’s, David’s, and Dunelair’s posts.

And then, I realized to my utter dismay that just last month, in the name of decluttering, I had neatly packed 30 cartons of books and sedately arranged them in my garage in the basement. And stood back and admired my handiwork.

What to do now?

Still had six overflowing bookshelves beckoning 😉. I set about looking for the v i d y a. Feeling adventurous, I wanted to add “sury” to it.

Imagine my rapidly growing annoyance when I discovered that I had no books that began with V or Y on my shelves. With “Sury” in my name, I figured he could put in the work too — et voilà, the good man presented me with a V. But what about the Y? Sigh! Then I found my Y (pun?) tucked away behind a triple row of books. Yay!

So, whatcha got now?

Vector Analysis by Spiegel — math nerds, enjoy.

Illustrated Fairytales by Hans Christian Andersen — glorious hours in fantasy -world with my son

Differential Calculus by Shanti Narayan — I plead the fifth.

Your Erroneous Zones by Dr Wayne Dyer — gifted to me by my uncle in the 70s, long before “self-help” became a thing.

ALaugh a Minute — A Reader’s Digest Compilation. Lovely book!

Scientifica — a reference book from Millenium House, Oz covering math, astronomy, geology, physics, chemistry, medicine, and botany.

Unstuff Your Life by Andrew J Mellen — for the determined declutterer

Reverse Dictionary — Reader’s Digest —fun overload!

Year Book — Disney 1994

And thusly, I emerged victorious in this challenge. I also now have two or three sets of books that make up my name!

While I’d be the first to admit that holding and smelling a book is heaven by proxy, it seemed more sensible to spend on ebooks rather than physical volumes. Also less expensive, same joy.

Can never have too many books, right? Happy Book Lovers Day!



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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