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Completing the Circle of Life With a New Tree

October Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Collections”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readOct 19, 2022


Spades for big or little hands

My final role as MC for the Tree Planting Ceremony was to invite everyone to come forward and help place some soil on the tree. I’d planned to say, “Don’t be shy, someone has to go first.”

But a toddler spied the tiny green spade. He knew it was exactly the right size for his hands. And there was a tree sitting in a hole and a pile of soil just waiting for him. So he raced through the crowd and started to fill in the hole.

It was the perfect way to complete the ceremony.

Around the recreational park area of Lake Monger, there is a collection of trees of all different sizes and ages. Each year, The Heart & Lung Transplant Foundation of Western Australia holds a ceremony and plants a tree.

The tree symbolizes growth and life. It is both an appreciation for organ donors and their families, while also celebrating the gift of life given to transplant recipients.

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Sandi Parsons lives and breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller. She lives with her favorite husband and two problem puppies. She’s proudly cared for borrowed lungs for over eleven years.

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Sandi Parsons
Six Word Photo Story Challenge

Sandi Parsons lives & breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller📚 Kidlit specialist, dipping her toes in the big kid’s pool.