Elephants at IKEA, Nagasandra, Bangalore. Vidya Sury ©

Photography | November Prompt: Collecting Smiles | Travel

Darling Elephants

Enjoying the calm before the storm

Finally, Bangalore got her own much-awaited IKEA showroom! And not a moment too soon. My friends and I decided to visit and had a wonderful day trip there. Best part? Even though it is far off, we are well-connected by the Metro; the station is a short pleasant walk from our place and the train drops us off right outside IKEA.

A visit is so much more fun when the commute is easy.

I had pledged not to buy anything but ended up buying a bottle-cleaning brush —wanted one with a long handle for the longest time and was thrilled when I found it.

I was enchanted by this sight in the children’s play area. Since the space wasn’t open yet, they let me click photos. I imagined toddlers tumbling in and going berserk! The elephants were so cute! I wished I could cuddle one of them.

I got my wish a few minutes later in the soft toys area where I shocked myself by taking a selfie holding the elephant.

Oh, my friend and I, after ooh-ing and aah-ing over the things we saw, finally decided we needed coffee and headed to the cafe. Imagine my delight when the coffee turned out to be excellent! Also, they invited me to enjoy a free refill. How did they guess that I wanted a second cup? Yum!

Good friends, pleasant shopping, fab coffee followed by a wonderful lunch at a nearby dhaba. Burping, we blissfully headed back home. Even the weather smiled down at us — rain was predicted that day but it held off until we reached home. Then it poured elephants. Hehe!



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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