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Does Your Heatbeat Flutter When You See the One You Love?

Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Freestyle

Sandi Parsons
1 min readJun 14, 2023


My heart beats fast for … EVERYTHING

For reasons known only to my heart, it decided that a resting heart rate in the 130s is the only way to beat.

The fine establishment putting me up for the night provides medical equipment, not mints, on the pillow … but they have turned the sheets down for me.

Just another hiccup in the #TransplantLife road.

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Sandi Parsons lives and breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller. She lives with her favourite husband and two problem puppies. She makes a horrible patient and questions everything, but she does provide chocolate to apologise.



Sandi Parsons
Six Word Photo Story Challenge

Sandi Parsons lives & breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller📚 Kidlit specialist, dipping her toes in the big kid’s pool.