Photo by Vidya Sury — she’s so excited about meeting the requirements for nature art

Flower Play

Spring Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Nature Art”

It is funny how life balances highs and lows. After being over-enthusiastic about my too-much-to-do list the past two weeks, I suddenly freaked out because it felt as if I did not have time to breathe. Added to this, things people said that would normally wash over my invisible protective layer somehow irked me.

I decided it was time to reset my internal thermostat and switch off and disconnect from all that felt toxic and keep only those things that brought me joy. Simple math, really.

So I went to a park nearby and spent a couple of hours there. It is a beautifully maintained park and it was wonderful to feel the early morning sun playing hide-and-seek with the flower beds.

Suddenly, I thought of Mary and my jealousy over her lovely perfect Nature Art stories. Grinning evilly to myself, I decided to create my own perfect Nature Art post.

I picked up a flower. And another, and another, thinking about what work of art I would create on the lush grass.

A voice boomed at me. “Madam, what are you doing? Please don’t touch anything.”

I was like, eh? I am only picking up flowers that the tree had already discarded on the ground. What was the problem, then?

The security guy behind the voice told me I was only allowed to walk along the pathways and admire nature. Nothing more.

I apologized and told him I would just arrange the flowers instead of throwing them down. And voila! Today’s post 😉



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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