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Flying High — What a Feeling!

Saluting the Tricolor, today, every day

I’ve already shared info about the Indian Flag so I am not going to repeat that. Instead, I will ramble about other related stuff.

Republic Day marks the adoption of India’s constitution and the country’s transition to a republic on January 26, 1950. As India rejoices with her 74th Republic Day celebrations, there is spectacular cultural and military pageantry in the capital, Delhi as a tribute to India’s unity in diversity, representing every Indian state’s cultural specialty. It is amazing to watch.

During my childhood, we had flag hoisting in school at 7 am, followed by cultural programs and of course, sweet distribution. Then we’d rush to the local parade ground to watch the parades. So much fun.

I remember how annoyed we would get when Republic Day was on a Sunday, as we’d be deprived of a holiday for the occasion.

These days, we have a flag hoisting ceremony in our condo and then, we settle in front of our TVs to watch the live parades in Delhi.

The sight of the Indian flag flying in the breeze— which we see at every airport and other national monuments —emotionally chokes me and fills me with patriotism. I have gooseflesh when I rise up to sing the National Anthem. I am always amazed at how this happens every single time, without fail, and tears stream down my face.

Happy Republic Day!

Enjoy this fabulous medley by India’s greatest singers celebrating India’s unity in diversity!

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