Monthly six word story writing challenges inspired by photos taken by yourself

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A Parisian resident’s photo story about the city she loves. Unusual vistas, unique angles, and a personal admiration for the many arts Paris has to offer allow her visuals tell the story of her everyday life in Paris. All photos ©Karen Dente, 2021/2022.


How to Achieve the Look With Korean Style Makeup

13 years ago, taking a film in to be developed already felt antiquated.

One simple step to being a real photographer

Xphase Pro X2 vs Theta Z1 DualFisheye RAW side by side in Virtual Tour Software

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Will Hull

Will Hull

Yankee, Aussie and freelance (and whatever-inspires-me) writer. Happier. Editor at Counter Arts, Rainbow Salad and Songstories. https://ko-fi.com/willhull

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