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Hometown Pride: January Prompt

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Hometown Pride”

6 min readJan 3, 2023


Black swans exist; why not unicorns?

Roman satirist, Juvenal, said a good wife was “A rare bird in the earth, and very like a black swan.”

Europeans assumed a swan with black feathers to be impossible and nonexistent. And so the idea of a black swan became a symbol for the absurd, improbable and preposterous. (Like that proverbial flying pig.)

That is until Dutch explorer, Willem de Vlamingh spotted black swans in Western Australia (WA) in 1697.

The black swan is unique to Australia — it’s the official emblem of WA and features on our coat of arms. de Vlamingh was so taken with our black swans, that he named the river that divides the city The Swan River.

The Black Swan Theory encapsulates the idea that an impossibility may later be disproven.

So there’s hope for unicorns yet.

The January Challenge is “Hometown Pride” brought to you by me — Sandi Parsons



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