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Ice Cream: Bucket List Item #20

November Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Happiness”


There’s happiness hidden inside bittersweet memories.

In 2018, Pepsi — the real-life puppy on which I based my children’s chapter book, Pepsi the Problem Puppy — was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Our options were surgery, chemo, or palliative care. Both surgery and chemo came with only a 50% success rate. So we chose palliative care, and I gave Pepsi a bucket list.

Once the physical activities were off the table, I moved on to forbidden foods. Each time, I offered a treat to Pepsi, her eyes would get as round as saucers — she couldn’t believe the goodies she was being offered. And despite the tumor pushing on her brain, she was happy all the way to the end.

In the photo above, she’s just about to enjoy a lactose-free ice cream.

You can catch Pepsi’s full bucket list here:

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