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I’m Not Moving For Anyone

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge “Hometown Pride”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readJan 7, 2023


You’ll have to walk around me.

You’ve probably heard the rumors. You know, the ones that say the kangaroos hop down the streets Down Under. Well, unless you live in a rural area, it’s not that common.

But until very recently, you could have a beer with a kangaroo (or two) in a pub.

Some (nonpaying) customers would bounce around the tavern in John Forrest National Park. Depending on their mood, they would lounge outside in the shade of the gum trees or hop on in through the front door, right past the pool table, and hang about in the beer garden.

This fellow hung about next to our table while we had lunch, then parked himself in the doorway for the rest of the afternoon. I’m guessing he found the perfect spot where the breeze was “just right” because he didn’t seem to care that everyone had to walk around him.

Unfortunately, the tavern closed when the lease expired in May this year. The government is putting in food trucks instead (boo hiss!). I’d rather have lunch with a roo in a pub than a food truck lunch any day.

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