Photo of Goat Mom by Vidya Sury © clicked while she waited for her boat. No, she did not miss it.

It’s Lunch Time!

Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Freestyle

Is the grass greener there, Mom?

So this goat mom had her kids (pun intended) following her around as she skipped all over the place. I tagged along, naturally. She did not care, in case you were wondering.

It was lunchtime. We had just finished a trip to some of the Andaman Islands and were waiting for our boat at the ferry to return to the mainland. Naturally, we wandered around. I followed goat mom to the porch of a house nearby — probably abandoned — where she corralled her kids and walked out again. The few homeless people who were sheltering there watched, with disinterest.

As she trotted out into the open again, with her littles in tow, it actually felt like they were having a conversation, trying to decide where to eat lunch. They cruised to one side of the road and seemed to think the grass wasn’t up to par there. Then they meandered over to the other side, where mom sampled the grass. She approved, and the kids joined her.

Yes, I got a photo of the kids as well, marveling at the pigeons jaywalking on the road, distracted from their meal, just as kids do.

A very pleasant experience indeed.

Life is wonderful when we take time to slow down and enjoy every moment, no?

Thank you, Mary Chang Story Writer, for the happiness you bring into my life when I spend hours stressing over whether a photo is good enough! 😉



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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