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Keeping It in the Family

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Hometown Pride”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readJan 11, 2023


Early morning view from my park

Growing up with the last name King, I assumed that all things with King attached were related to my family.

My Pop’s family home was located on Meadow Street, which was one of the access roads to Kings Meadow. Perhaps we’d owned that stretch of land once upon a time? Kings Park, in the city, wasn’t too far away. And there were a handful of ‘King’ streets scattered about too.

There was a precedence for this line of thought. Names of ‘famous’ people graced various locations. The first Governor of Western Australia, James Stirling, had heaps of things named after him — not only are there the Stirling ranges, but there’s also a highway and a pub. So why not a semi-famous King relative?

I certainly didn’t associate them with a royal King. Royal Kings were the stuff of fantasy books. In real life, we didn’t do Kings — we had a Queen (and what a Queen she was!)

Of course, I know now we don’t have any famous ancestors. My Pop’s Grandad was the first King in the family to grace Australian shores, and he arrived as a convict, served his time, and went on to live happily ever after.



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