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Mi Casa, Su Casa

You cannot leave without eating, drinking.

We have followed the policy of mi casa, su casa for several decades. My great-grandmother believed in it. She even went so far as to build an extra room for a distant friend’s son who was in our city to finish a two-year course.

Gradually, it became customary for anyone who visited us to stay for a meal . . . often stay over . . . and eventually leave after a few meals. It was easy to do that. For one thing, my folks were great cooks, very generous (the place we hail from is known for its generosity with food) and well, they were just fantastic hosts who showered their guests with love and . . . food.

If guests were in a rush and did not have time, we simply pack stuff and force it on them. It is funny, you know — not much has changed over the years, although we have fewer guests after my mom passed away. But the ones who do visit, we make them comfortable. We cook their favorite stuff. We pamper them. We make their visit memorable.

During my corporate days, colleagues who were single always landed up at my place for dinner — whether or not I was at home, because mom was there to feed them.

And thus, the sight of an overflowing sink, which may be gross to some, simply brings us a feeling of deep gratitude that a/ we have the means to feed people b/ we can cook c/ people enjoy coming over. Sure I do the dishes. Every day. But it is like that legendary “Akshaya Patra” — the vessel that never gets empty. It is a blessing from my mom to me — that I’ll never go hungry and neither shall anyone who visits us. Remind me to tell you that story.



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