My fountain pen collection. (Author’s photo)

My Fountain Pen Collection

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Elder Taoist
1 min readNov 7, 2022


Hold a pen. Words will come!

Oh well, it isn’t October anymore, so I missed the collections challenge. I didn’t get this brainstorm until last night, so better late than never.

I love fountain pens. There is something very soothing in the way a fountain pen feels. I can pick a pen that matches my mood. Some are very heavy. Some very light. Some are thin. Some are thick. Some have narrow nibs that let the ink out slowly. Some have wider nibs whose ink flows freely.

I realize most people now write on their computers, and I admit that I mostly do as well. However, there are times when a hard-bound journal and a familiar fountain pen are the best tools for getting out my thoughts.

I wonder who will ever read handwritten words in a future that no longer teaches handwriting? Will old journals become treated like a foreign language that needs a specialist to translate? How sad.

I wish you well!

The Elder Taoist ☯



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