Muttley, my girl next door — photo by Raine Lore

My Girl Next Door

March Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Pet People”

When you visit, please bring treats.

Sometimes, I doggy-sit for the couple next door. Muttley is an intelligent, high-spirited, thirteen-year-old Jack Russell, who appears to believe that she is the centre of the universe.

When I doggy-sit, she mostly stays in her yard, and I make sure her water and food are replenished. She loves to spend play-time with me, but if I don’t bring treats, I get the cold shoulder.

There have been a few times when she met with a minor emergency and needed my attention. On those occasions, she stood at the fence and “called” me with a sound that I can only describe as bizarre. It is a special call she reserves just for me.

The last emergency was to get me to come over and fix her “nightie” (a jacket she wears after dusk). I had not fastened it correctly and it was twisted around her legs — something she could not tolerate for the whole night.

Nightie fixed, tucked up safely in her snug kennel, blankets just so, she made no sound until morning, when she alerted me to the serious situation regarding the lack of treats in her breakfast bowl.



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Raine Lore

Raine Lore


Independent author on Amazon, reader, graphic artist and photographer. Dabbling in illustration and animation.