Church Street entrance of Namma Metro with the three-storey mural. Photo by Vidya Sury ©

Namma Metro Beautification Project

April Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Graffiti & Street Art”

Or —

Take a break, slow down, people!

There in the photo, towering over us on our beloved Church Street, is Harshavardhan aka Inkbrushnme’s three-storey mural for the MG Road Metro Station.

The Bengaluru Metro, fondly called Namma Metro (Namma in Kannada means “Our”), is now considered an integral part of the city’s cultural fabric thanks to the Festival of Stories Art Project, which is a tie-up between the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) and several art institutions around the city, dedicating four stations to the art of story-telling.

To quote Inkbrushme on this particular mural:

“…I wanted to work on a complicated surface and I’m glad MG Road happened. While walking and listening in to parts of conversations all around the area, I sensed a lot of depression and sadness in the air. So, I researched on the idea of using art as a remedy for such problems. In terms of a thought process, first the kids came into being, for their energy, innocence and positivity. Then the colours entered the picture. However, I invested a lot of time in detailing the piece, because I want people to find something new each time they see it.”

Enjoy this video describing how it all came about, how the artists conceptualized the themes, etc. Love it!

via YouTube

Yep, we love Namma Metro and Namma Bengaluru ❤

Thank you, Mary Chang Story Writer for this amazing prompt. I am finding something new each time in the photos I took!

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