Ducks at the Westend Hotel — Photo by Vidya Sury ©

Quick! Let’s Duck!

December Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Snow & White”

Oh no! We are sitting ducks!

Met these ducks on the lawn of the Westend Hotel in Bangalore (yes, the same place with the turkeys in The Great Escape). However, unlike the turkeys, these three ducks simply refused to budge from their spot. There were several ducks that hurried away when they saw humans approaching, but not these.

Not my best photo — I clicked it with a phone camera in the dark. The ways their eyes catch the light is spooky!

When Mary Chang Story Writer announced the December prompt, I felt slightly sulky because snow — and there’s none where I live. Even when we visited Shimla in the North, that particular year the snows melted sooner and the monsoons had started. Still, she also says “white” so that opens up many possibilities.

Just picture me reading her post in bed very early in the morning — then rushing over to my Google photos app to create an album with all the possibilities for this prompt. And then, about an hour later, dozing off with a satisfied grin on my face.

Thank you Mary Chang Story Writer! Even as I sulk a little bit about not having snow photos, I will get to see some lovely ones from everyone. I love this one — what a fabulous headstand!

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Monthly six word story writing challenges inspired by photos taken by yourself

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