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Seventy-three a Day Keeps the Doctor at Bay

October Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Collections”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readOct 5, 2022


Twenty-seven in one go. My superpower.

“I’m rattling today. My doctor prescribed a new medication. I’ve got to take six tablets now. Six!”

I sat in the staff room at recess, listening to the chatter.

“It took me ten minutes to swallow them all.”

I leaned over and patted Ligi’s shoulder. “That’s not even halfway to rattling. I take over seventy a day.”

“But how?” Ligi asked.

“Twenty-seven at a time.”

I can classify my medications into three main sections.

  1. Creon. That’s the capsule with the little beads. While Cystic Fibrosis is known mainly as a lung disease, it impacts the whole body, particularly the digestive system. I can’t digest food on my own. I take handfuls of Creon whenever I eat. That’s where my impressive superpower to swallow twenty-seven tablets in one go comes in. It’s a necessity — if I took them one by one, I’d never get around to the actual eating part. (That said, my husbeast says I just have a big mouth 🤣🤣🤣)
  2. Immune Suppressants. These keep my body from attacking my healthy new lungs. So they’re pretty…



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