Photo by Vidya Sury © at Pinjore Gardens, Haryana

Snug as a Bug In a Rug

February Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Hide & Seek”

We usually come out at night.

We were returning from Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh, absolutely one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, and stopped at Pinjore Gardens. Also called Yadavindra Gardens this is a historic 17th-century garden located in Pinjore city of Panchkula district in Haryana.

With beautifully landscaped gardens in the Mughal gardens architectural style, this busy tourist spot was renovated by the Patiala Dynasty Sikh Rulers.

We walked through fruit orchards, topiaries and feasted our eyes on fruit stalls while spending time in the various excellently maintained historic structures there. So many stories from the past!

And then, while leaving, I looked up and was surprised to see movement in this tree. I focused my camera and literally 50x zoomed in to see what was going on. I was amazed. I had never ever seen these before and looking at them up close was . . . slightly scary. The thought of them all descending…. whoa!

Can you guess what they are? Shh!

See, Mary Chang Story Writer, I am determined to have at least ONE valid entry to the February “hide and seek” challenge, unless you count me playing hide and seek with the challenge by not showing up most days! Okay, I am the only one who is going to laugh at that pseudo joke! Thank you. I am already excited thinking about March’s prompt!

I am deeply grateful to the support from my fellow six-word-photo-storytellers. Always happy to see their kind comments. Please visit their posts via the home page.

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