Son’s playschool wall — Photo by Vidya Sury ©

Sour Grapes

April Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Graffiti & Street Art”

Yeah. Because that’s the kind of funny question my son would ask. I walked past my son’s playschool recently and spotted this wall of nostalgia. I don’t know what it is about kids, but they’re happy to listen to the same story every. single. day. And my son was no exception. He’d want to listen to this fox and the grapes story every. day. Then he would connect the other fox stories where the fox was clever or cunning— and argue about why this fox wasn’t so clever. 🤪

We had fun, though! I am also laughing as I recall how, when he listened to stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata — he would ask uncomfortable questions. For example, Ravana, the villain in the Ramayana, the guy who abducted Sita, Rama’s wife, had ten heads, ten (or more) hands, and so on.

My then four-year-old son’s quick question, as he sat on his porcelain throne of wisdom? “Did Ravana also have ten bums? Did he use ten potties? How did his mother wash his bums?” … because those were the days we were still helping him with the potty thing. 🥰

Good times!

Thank you Mary Chang Story Writer for the fab April prompt! I wanted to post a Kurt Cobain wall today, and much as I love him … my son won out! Choices, choices.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who commented and clapped for my stories — I love you! ❤

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