“Headstand on beach.” Photo of the author & editor of Six Word Photo Story Challenge, taken by author’s son.

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Submission Guidelines & Layout

Six Word Photo Story Challenge


Beach headstand — creating a different perspective.

That’s me in the photo — I’m addicted to headstands, nature, and six word photo stories. Can you write a story in six words inspired by a photo? Six word photo stories create a different perspective to tell a story.

Read this article to keep the editors happy in 2024.

Here’s how to write one and become a part of this Six Word Photo Story Challenge publication.

Enjoy the creative process. You’ll be amazed at how a photo can inspire you to tell a story in only six words.

Please read all the rules to make publication turnaround efficient and timely.

My submission guidelines may seem overwhelming — sorry! Once you’ve submitted your first story to our pub, it’s easy to duplicate the formatting style, as set out below!

Formatting Tip: Once you’ve published your first story in this publication, go into that story and select “edit story,” then select and copy the entire story (including the photo). Then click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen and click “write a story.” Then click “paste” to paste that story into a new story to create a template. Save this draft story under as a “SWPSC Draft Template” and use this as a “draft template” for any future stories that you submit here.

Note: For the NEW story, you’ll need to change the following on your template: 1) new photo (remember to add photo credit) 2) new title 3) new subtitle (depending if it’s freestyle or responding to the current “Monthly Challenge” prompt). 4) new six word story. 5) Tag your story either “Freestyle” OR “Monthly Challenge”

Remember to copy and paste the draft template each time you create a new story! This template will save you time when creating new stories.

For formatting step-by-step instructions (these are unique to this publication), see Formatting Your Six Word Photo Story.



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Six Word Photo Story Challenge

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