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The Black Cat Is Staring at Me

June Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Black & White — Freestyle

Dr. Preeti Singh
2 min readJun 12, 2024


Midnight on the snow-white floor

The black cat was sitting on the white floor. I tried to take a photo and felt it was staring at me pouncing at me and not allowing me to take a picture. She was frisky, running away and jumping here and there.

Was she scared of me or was she scaring me? I don’t know. I remembered the black-and-white prompt and felt motivated to take a picture.

There were many distractions. A lot of cars were standing around the cat. She kept jumping up and down and I left it. I felt I failed to make an impact.

The cat was not impressed with me and moved on. I lost my chance and went away for a walk.

When I went away I noticed she followed me around. People told me that if cats feel some danger they can even scratch and harm you. Some cats in the vicinity had scratched people and they had to be injected.

I called my granddaughter as she has a pet cat. I asked her if the cat could harm me and she of course said that she could jump on me but would not do any harm. My son warned me of the potential dangers and asked me to stop trying to take a photo.

So I walked on and she kept following me till I lost her as I crossed the road and went to the market.

When I came back home, she was sitting quietly on the floor and looking at me. She was picture-perfect. She made no move when I took her picture. She sat quietly letting me take as many pictures as I wanted. Her eyes were looking straight at the camera.

In response to Mary Chang Story Writer’s June prompt



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