A mutant asparagus. Photo Credit: Jillian Amatt - Artistic Voyages


The Craziest Asparagus That I Ever Did See

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Mutant Asparagus Springs From Garden Soil

I was merrily picking asparagus today — specifically 15 lbs (6.8kg). It was just one of many expeditions that I have made to pick asparagus. The patch you see in the background of this crazy mutant asparagus shoot is about 1/50th of how much is here at this farm. We have been picking it solid since the beginning of May, and I’m told that it won’t end until sometime in June.

Because there is much more here than anyone can actually eat, it is the one vegetable crop that they sell to customers. Interestingly enough, it seems there aren’t enough people in the nearby town to keep up with it either. The sales are starting to dwindle, but the asparagus just keeps on coming!

My partner and I have eaten it in every different way that we can think of. We have even frozen a bunch that we will use to make soup later in the summer, plus we pickled and canned 12 large jars of it.

Sometimes I feel like I am in robot mode as I move around the garden snapping the heads off of the spears that rise from the ground — but today, I stopped in my tracks.



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