Vidya Sury © at the Johnson & Johnson R&D Labs at Shanghai.

The Doctor Is In

January Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Self”

The doctor will see you now!

During my trip to Shanghai as one of the Key Opinion Leaders of Asia for Johnson & Johnson, I had a chance to visit their R&D labs and manufacturing units. Oh, what a trip it was! Seven-star treatment all the way. How the trip came about is an interesting story. To keep it short — I got my visa approved an hour before my flight was due to take off, thanks to an intervening weekend and some goof-ups by our local travel guys.

In any case, I took off, business class and was treated like royalty from the moment I stepped out of my house until I returned home after five days. The trip did not lack in adventure, what with delayed flights and barely making the connecting flights.

We stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Pudong in the River suite with a fab view from the full-length windows. The food was delicious, the stay and staff superb. I had a most delightful trip.

At the R&D Labs, they had our white monogrammed coats and goggles ready and waiting before we set off on our journey to being research scientists. Loads of hilarious photos — because moms will be girls when we get together!

My first thought when I wore the white coat was this: if my mom could see me now. She dreamed of me becoming a doctor. And that’s another longish story!

Thank you Mary Chang Story Writer — for the joy you bring into my life!

Almost sad this month is coming to an end! ❤

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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