Photo of the author, picture taken by his son. | Credit: Indra Raj Pathak

The More Questions You Ask Yourself, The Better You Understand Yourself

Six Word Photo Story: Freestyle

We generally think about what others want for us, not what we want for ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong to focus on your relationships with loved ones or on a new friend. Others need love, intimacy, and companionship. If you give them, they will reciprocate. Thus, by doing so, you indeed focus on yourself.

You need not be afraid of losing your relationships, even if you never think about others. Nonetheless, ignoring your own dreams and aspirations can keep you away.

A life spent purely for the happiness of others may not give you much contentment.

You may start feeling tired and even a little lost in the process.

It is not selfish to concentrate on yourself. It’s a sense of self-awareness.

However, when you’ve cultivated a tendency to put the emphasis on others, it can be difficult to reverse. Your strong willpower will get you back on track to loving yourself. It is in no way a selfish act.

In fact, if you love yourself only, then you can love others. So, love yourself first of all. And ask more and more questions yourself, to be sure your inner self will respond accordingly.



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Indra Raj Pathak

Educationist by career, writer-poet by passion, thinker by nature, humorous by taste, an empath by heart.