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The Murder of Mr T. Bear

August Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Toys”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readAug 9, 2023


Emergency responders found the victim disembowelled.

Officers Report.
Mr Bouncy Ball called emergency services at 9:10 am, reporting a fluff-curdling scream from Mr T. Bear. According to Mr Bouncy Ball, a series of murders had recently occurred in the area, and officers should attend promptly and catch the beast in the act.

I arrived on scene at 9.11 am and discovered Mr T. Bear with his stuffing spread over the scene. Shortly after my arrival, I pronounced Mr T. Bear deceased.

I canvassed for witnesses and spoke to Mrs Squeaky Hedgehog. Through muffled squeaks, she told me, “It was brutal. One minute I was having a chat with Mr T. Bear, and then jaws descended and snatched him up. He was thrown across the room. Then his stuffing started flying around. I took cover behind the couch and didn’t see the beast myself. But I can tell you this, both Chilli and Rotto were in the area.”

Before I approached the possible suspects, I checked out their records. Chilli is a known felon with multiple murders on file. There are mentions of a partner in crime whose description makes him a dead ringer for Rotto. While Rotto has a sterling reputation for taking care of his toys, that…



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