Street art dipicting two youths, a train and town hall clock tower.
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

The Only Things You Need To Know About Midland

April Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Graffiti & Street Art”

Sandi Parsons
2 min readApr 8, 2022


Trains, bogans, and a haunted hall.

Blend trains, bogans, and the haunted Midland town hall together, and you get spectacular artwork.

Midland has a proud railway history. For nearly a century, it was home to the Midland Railway Workshops. Midland is a crossroads for the highways north and east of Perth and the railway system.

Bogan is a quintessential derogatory Aussie stereotype. Once upon a time, a bogan was characterized by clothing and low-socioeconomic status. Plaid shirts and ugg boots were all the rage. (I’ve ditched my plaid shirt but kept the ugg boots for the record).

Now, thanks to our mining boom, there are ‘cashed-up bogans’ so the stereotypical 1990s image is out the window. Regardless of fashion, there is still a sense that a bogan lacks culture or sophistication and is more than a smidgeon uncouth. And Midland is still well-known as a bogan hotspot.

But I’m betting you’ve only read this far because you want to know about the haunted hall.

Believers and non-believers alike can tour the Midland Town Hall, with its stunning clock tower, for a spot of Friday night ghost…



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