Somewhere in Himachal Pradesh. Photo by Vidya Sury ©

The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep

October Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Scary

Trees turning into wild dancing ghouls.

We were visiting Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh — a beautiful hill station — a few years ago. We arrived late afternoon amid fog and rain and checked into the lovely bungalow miles away from anywhere, isolated on the top of a hill.

The rains fizzled down into a drizzle and the sun shone feebly through the clouds. It was a beautiful evening. We decided to go for a walk. We were told to be careful as there was a dense forest around with slippery trails.

Bravely, we set off, umbrellas in hand. In less than half an hour, darkness fell. Everywhere we looked, there were trees of all shapes, heights, and sizes. We looked above, to see the foliage. Like a beautiful canopy. Before the daylight completely disappeared, I managed to get this shot. My imagination ran wild.

An hour later, we hurried back to the warmth of our room, shadows chasing us, to a large pot of masala chai kindly brought in by the hotel folks.

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles ❤ Did you smile today?

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Monthly six word story writing challenges inspired by photos taken by yourself

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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