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When It Comes to Vegemite, How Thick Is Too Thick?

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Sandi Parsons
2 min readJan 15, 2023


Smear it, slather it, anything goes.

There’s some debate about the origins of the pavlova. Aussies claim it, but our neighbors across the ditch in New Zealand believe the bragging rights are theirs. It’s a murky debate.

But Vegemite is all ours.

Unlike the sugary sweetness of a pavlova, Vegemite has a salty tang and is an acquired taste.

Some say you need a smear, a hint of the taste, while others slather it on thick. Me? I’m definitely a “slather it on” person. I’ve even been known to scoop a chunk onto a tablespoon and suck on it like a lollipop. To some, my “smear’ of Vegemite on the left would be considered a slather.

Vegemite works well:

  • As a sandwich
  • On toast
  • In a toasted cheesy
  • On various cracker biscuits like Saladas (pictured above). I also like my Vegemite on Sao’s or Vitaweats.
  • Or slather it on top of a hunk of cheese (okay, maybe that’s just me …)



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