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Photography | December 2022 | Travel

When Will I See You Again?

Not on Twitter, but always tweeting!

During my childhood, we would see sparrows everywhere. A window in our living room was a free-for-all for birds, especially sparrows. They marked a corner of the ceiling where there was a wooden ledge to build their nest. They’d fly in and out as they pleased and keep up their chirp chirp chirp all day long.

Occasionally an egg would fall from their nest, and we’d all mourn together. I would cry for days, thinking about how the mommy bird might feel. Life would go on.

On our balcony, we scattered seeds for the birds to feed on, and it was such a wonderful sight to see them busy pecking at the food, then flying away.

These days, with all the construction and “development” around us, we have practically driven the house sparrow away. We rarely see any, but we’re so excited when we do. The only place I see them now is at the airport — go figure. Maybe they’re saying their goodbyes before they finally fly away!

I was delighted when I heard their incessant chirping again at the university guest at Imphal. One sparrow landed on our doormat, pecking and then delicately hopping into the room. It looked around before turning, hopped out to join its friend, and flew away. How exciting it was to see so many of them land on the bamboo branches outside our balcony and sometimes even sit on our window ledge!

It’s always the small things, no? Happiness, I mean!

Here’s a video I took of the sparrow.



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