Image taken during the 2016 Tulsa, Oklahoma Habitfest, in which graffiti artists complete an installation for the year. Photo from the author’s personal collection. Art by Tony Thunder.

When You Discover Your Brand Is Counterculture, A Funny Thing Happens

April Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Graffiti & Street Art

Creativity Fiends, emerge from the shadows.

In 2022, I realized I am a Creativity Fiend and started noticing “my” fiends everywhere. Embracing the identity and emerging from the shadows felt…




Monthly six word story writing challenges inspired by photos taken by yourself

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A painting of a woman in a pink dress sitting at a table, staring off, leaning on an arm. A full glass on the table.

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Aimée Gramblin

Aimée Gramblin

Memoirist-in-progress with the collective awakened and awakening consciousness. Love + Courage = Love Evolution. Creativity Fiend in training.

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