Photo of a very pregnant Vidya Sury © eagerly waiting to deliver.

Photography | November Prompt

You Can Smile But You Can’t Hide

Busy collecting smiles in my tummy

The year 1997 changed my life. Why? My son was born and I became a mother.

I still remember the day I got my pregnancy test results. Sury and I walked out of the clinic, holding hands, a little shocked. I mean, we were going to be parents. And although both of us were in our early thirties — yep, married late by normal standards — we were pretty nervous. In nine months, we’d be holding our very own precious bundle of joy in our arms.

Of course, I have to confess the first three months were not fun, what with mood swings, morning sickness setting in, and my crying on-off switch going out of order! The second trimester was more stable as I settled into my pregnancy and my mom joined us — which was a dream come true.

Anyway, it did not stop me from traveling — after all, there were weddings and 80th birthdays, and other events in the family. And meeting everyone was wonderful as they were all thrilled to see me happily waddling around.

Also, we were having fun at home — Mom, Sury, and I, busily sewing for the baby. And of course, we overdosed on that — with our overenthusiasm.

I remember exactly what I was thinking in the photo above: next year, our son would be celebrating the festival with us.

I must say that since our son came into our lives that November, the sun has been shining much brighter every single day. We’re blessed.



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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