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You Have Freedom To Look For Your Comfort

September Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Comfort”

Comfort-like happiness” is the state of mind. For some, homes are sweet, and only there do they find comfort. Others seek solace in the lap of nature anywhere on the planet.

Some find comfort in their mother’s lap, while others find comfort in their beloved’s bosom.

A river bank, solitude, and late-night libertine orgies are all sources of perennial comfort for some.

Feelings of comfort are closely connected to your subconscious mind’s tuning. Comfort is not universal, but unique to each individual.

Material possessions, a big name, and celebrity status give comfort to many, but not all. Some accept their present as the immutable decree of destiny and are too scared even to dream for anything else that they actually deserve.

They find comfort in what they have.

They think their desires will deviate them from the path of reality.

They feel comfortable in the state of no desire.

Some make untiring efforts to climb up and up on the success ladder, one after another. They find comfort in living for their passions until the end of their lives. They have the conviction that only perseverance can comfort them, not any stopover.

It makes me truly uncomfortable when I look at the ladies shopping enthusiastically in the crowded Indian market in the scorching heat of a midsummer afternoon with such ease and comfort. But some can only find comfort in the cool breeze at a hill station during a hot summer.

I feel comforted to write about “comfort” here, and perhaps you feel comfort in reading now. Be comfortable!



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Indra Raj Pathak

Educationist by career, writer-poet by passion, thinker by nature, humorous by taste, an empath by heart.