Varsito Tech Stack — And why I ❤ it!

I’m developing a candidate lead management app (Web & Mobile) at Varsito Solutions Pvt. Ltd along with my colleague Azad. Here is a list of tech tools we guys use to make things happen.

  1. Glue Language — Ruby On Rails
    This is the web framework which binds all other components together. We started with version 4.x and updated to 5.0.0 stable day before yesterday. One of the main reason for selecting RoR is active record!
  2. ng-awesome — Foundation For Apps
    It’s Angular based framework by Zurb guys. It’s super awesome and focused on web apps rather than websites. It is using Angular 1.x. We are planning to switch to Angular 2.x soon. So we might ditch Foundation For Apps.
  3. Hybrid Mobile App — Ionic
    Ionic is Angular based hybrid mobile app development framework. We are using 1.x which will soon be replaced with Ionic 2.x which is based on Angular 2.x for improved performance and more features.
  4. Ouch — CouchDB & PouchDB
    These DBs are a perfect fit for sync of data. However, due to the complexity of CouchDB, we might ditch it soon. PouchDB is awesome! Due to performance reason we may replace it with native equivalent in Mobile app.
  5. PostgreSQL
    As pg supports JSON data type, It’s best fit to be our primary, reliable database. Ability of pg to query on JSON eliminates need of NoSQL DBs. Also pg goes hand in hand with active record which makes our codes sweet and short.
  6. Solr
    If you know solr, then your app can handle millions of data entries without a sweat! Solr is super awesome search engine. We are looking forward to upgrade to v6 of solr.
  7. Docker
    At Varsito, we all love docker. Even non-tech team mates like Docker :) In total we are running 6 containers and we have set of automation scripts which makes it easy for us to lean back and relax after every deployment.
  8. Editor — Sublime Text & vi
    No doubt sublime text is our primary editor. But sometimes it’s not available, for example, when we are working on nth container on mth machine. Then vi comes to rescue. It’s still painful for me to use vi. But it helps to get basic things done.
  9. OS — Ubuntu 
    No one uses any other OS even non-tech team mates use Ubuntu! We are running 14.04 everywhere. Azad and I tried to update to 16.04 but due to driver and heating issue, we decided to stick to 14.04.

Varsito is still in development phase. We are working hard to get it live for private beta launch by the end of July ’16. Azad and I are CS graduates, May ’16 batch from Mumbai University. Right after college, we guys moved to Bangalore and joined Varsito.

Varsito is aiming to solve sourcing problem of institutes in vocational skill development. Varsito — a dream project of Swathi, founder — will help 23 million annual school dropouts in India to find better jobs. Our journey has just started.

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