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First SixPM Software Blog Post!

Welcome to the official blog of SixPM Software. I’m stuckatsixpm, the creator of SixPM, and I’m really excited to be starting this.

I’m creating this blog primarily to keep everyone up to date on what the status of various projects are, and what I’m working on. This is also where I’ll publish patch summaries for software created by SixPM Software.

Just a few short updates for the first post:

That’s all from me for now, but keep an eye out for future articles!

You can join the SixPM Discord Community here:

Follow SixPM Software on Twitter for technical updates: @SixPMSoftware

Follow me on Twitter for drops, discussions, and everything else: @stuckatsixpm



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I’m an community dev who likes to spend his free time playing around with Python.