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SixPM May Recap and Competition Results

May was a crazy month for SixPM Software — let’s recap some of the highlights and draw some winners for the May Competitions!

The SixPM collection launched, and has been verified!

Starting with the most obvious news, I launched the SixPM collection, with a nice short and easy to remember name.

This collection will be the home of the stuckatsixpm and SixPM Software NFTs.

If you have any NFTs from the old collections, a bridge will be established soon that will allow you to trade in your old NFTs for NFTs from the new collection, mint for mint.

You can see the SixPM collection on Atomichub here.

NFT Drops/Blends

In May, I dropped 4 new NFTs — The SixPM Origins Promo, 2 Currency Cards (BTC and ETH), and The Wee Wizards creator card, a collaboration with PuftCreative!

We also launched the blend of the SixPM Origin Coin, with 208/500 blended at the time of writing this. The Origin Coin was created by the incredible CREEK.

Holding the coin will make give you special perks, such as access to exclusive drops and giveaways, and access to “The Lounge”, a private channel on the SixPM Discord Server.

New Faces

Things are getting incredibly busy at SixPM Software, to the point where I’m working 15hrs a day to stay on top of everything. Obviously this isn’t sustainable, so I’m currently onboarding a few team members! You might see them around in the future, so say hi!


Time to announce the winners of the three outstanding competitions.

Commander Satoshi

The first is the Commander Satoshi (#62) giveaway. This giveaway was open to anyone holding any of the Sydney Location Cards. You gained entries for each card held. A first edition awarded 25 entries, a rare gave 10, and a common card gave it’s holder 2 entries into the giveaway.

Commander Satoshi, the first Cryptomoonie

A single common card had been burned, so this left 1349 Sydney Cards in circulation. The pool of entries was generated (6998 entries), and a winner was randomly selected using Python 3’s random module.

The winner was chimchim4141 — the trx sending the prize can be found here:

Guess the next Currency Card giveaway

I also ran a competition to guess the next currency card (The answer was Ethereum). Out of the 149 entries, I accepted all variations of Ethereum, ETH, Gwei, Ether, etc.

This resulted in 51 correct guesses. Once again, I used Python to randomly select 3 winners — ‘giyb4.wam’, ‘z4hb.wam’, and ‘jzer4.wam’ — each of you has won 50 WAX each.


The Wee Wizards Collab Giveaway

Finally, the giveaway for the #1 Mint of the rare The Wee Wizards Creator Card and 100 WAX was run via Twitter.

This giveaway had 228 entrants, and was drawn via Pickaw.

The winner is @ong1st1

Draw validation:

Congratulations to all the winners!

That’s all for now!

Thanks for joining me for the crazy month of May! I hope that June will bring many exciting surprises as SixPM continues to grow. If everything goes well, I’ll be launching the beta of a project I’ve been working on in secret!

Until next time,

- stuckatsixpm

You can join the SixPM Discord Community here:

Follow SixPM Software on Twitter for technical updates: @SixPMSoftware

Follow me on Twitter for drops, discussions, and everything else: @stuckatsixpm



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