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We can all agree that your health and your family’s wellbeing is very important.

Although we are dedicated to protecting it, we also know how painful it can be.

You might have experienced this before: you’re in a doctor’s office with your baby and you can’t remember when was the last vaccination and you left the record books at home.

Or maybe you have a sick dad who needs regular doctor appointments. But since your sister went with him last time, she has to update you on the last doctor visit: his current condition, prescriptions to take, the next scheduled appointments. And don’t forget those scans, X-rays and test results. Gotta keep track of those, too.

We have accepted this pain for a long time. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if someone figured out a better way to manage health records?

Well, a lot of super smart people are tackling it and we decided that we’d like to take a crack at it. Our team huddled together over boxes of pizzas to conceptually rethink how medical records can be better managed.

Since we believe that a digital solution is only as great as the values it gives to its users, we collaborated with our hardcore researcher friends, Somia to conduct in-depth research with potential users of this app. Over 10 hours of interviews with 10 users later, here’s what we come up with.

Together with Somia, we concluded that starting records keeping early, from infancy is ideal. A complete record from the very beginning and subsequent medical history will provide the most comprehensive medical profile.

Profile & Growth

Every new parent knows that there are many measurements to keep track of a baby growth chart: weight, length, head circumference. It’s not uncommon to track them manually in a book.

The truth is, these data can tell a lot more. So we begin with a simple onboarding that records basic measurements. As you key in each measurement, you’ll get a quick insight about where your baby stands compared to peer.

These measurements can be updated periodically as your baby grows, allowing you to see your baby’s progression easily.


The app also charts your baby’s records against other babies so you know where your baby stands . You can make informed decisions with this information.

Sharing these data with your spouse or other caregivers is super easy — just tap share and voila! All records are shared.

Share health record

We see that some users might be nervous about data security issues. We foresee that blockchain decentralization and encryption will bring precautions against data breaches.

Immunizations Tracking

Next, it’s immunizations. The app gives a timeline of immunizations that need to be done, along with short descriptions of each vaccine.

Track immunizations

This way, busy parents will get reminders of future shots. One less thing to do on their never-ending to-do list.

The name of the doctor giving each vaccine is then recorded for future references.

Book Appointments

We know that remembering future doctor visits is only half the battle. The other half is securing a time slot with your doctor.

In the urgent times when your regular paediatrician is unavailable, this app makes it easy to find another — just search for a paediatrician nearby. Evaluate based on qualifications and reviews.

Booking appointments

Found one that you like? Check their real-time schedule and book an appointment just with a few taps. Easy-peasy.

Past & Future Visits

Never miss your future appointments with active schedule.

If you forget what the doctor said last time, don’t sweat. Just check summaries of the previous visits and detailed reports of the visits. This way, you can see how you compare with your previous visit.

Medicine records

With all medical records accessible at your fingertips, doctors can make better diagnoses and decide on the best treatments for your child.


In the case that you need to take medicines, just log the prescribed medicines and the schedules on your app. No more confusions.

Bringing it all home

Everything you need to know today can be seen in the home screen: key measurements, upcoming vaccinations and medicines to give. You’ll also get notifications for upcoming schedules.

The app also gives health news updates so you can stay in the loop.

You can also share your health worries and learnings with other parents in the forum.

Interacting with other parents who faced similar problems will give you some perspectives and approaches you may never think of before.


If it’s not enough, you can converse with doctors to solve your health-related doubts.

To bring it all back, our research shows that scattered healthcare data is a low-hanging fruit issue we can solve. By having all medical histories integrated and accessible, personal healthcare can be easier to manage.

Caretakers can benefit from reminders of upcoming appointments, medicines and health news.

Doctors will benefit from complete health records that are relevant to the patient on their dashboard, no matter which doctors they have visited in the past.

Hospital’s dashboard view of your child’s data and appointments

So that’s our take. What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment down below or give us those claps to tell us what you think!



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