SJ Cuz Fantasy Football: Volume 6

The SMACKDOWN Week #6 Match-Up Predictions

Avtar’s Team
When you think you can get away [with the win], but don’t.

Lataevius Targaryen (99.76) vs AVTAR’s Team (103.71)

The AVTAR’s. I have a new theory. It wasn’t a lucky draft. Their team is not a fluke. It is all skill, from 25+ years of football knowledge stored in his mind, from back when there was no Yahoo or ESPN to help out with stats. It’s all those years worth of knowledge that make the AVTAR’s so “stacked” (?). Stay away from this team, you’ve been warned.

The AVTAR’s, now with a 4–1 lead, are standing at the top. The L’s come off of a fresh, spoken too soon, loss. This difference between the two scores was the shortest in SJ Cuz Fantasy Football history, at 1.88 points. Despite the devastating loss, the L’s kept their second position in league standings. Even though their win streak ended, they’re still a team that should be feared. For both the AVTAR’s and L’s, their players are unpredictable and can have crazy games any week. Look forward to both to facing each other.

With the L’s being the only team that have beaten the AVTAR’s so far, this earns the “Match of the Week Award”. The L’s will obviously win if some of their tier-1 players can start performing at 100% again, but you never really know with the AVTAR’s beast roster.

Prediction: The Lataevius’s beat the AVTAR’s

Bompton Piru’s (106.75) vs. Not So UNDEFEATED (102.70)

Wow, what a performance by the Piru’s, who pulled through and won without an active wide receiver. This week, they face the NSU’s, who have the fifth position. After their worst scoring week yet, the NSU’s are looking to finally get a win. The rivalry (due to week 1) is strong.

Things have looked rough for the NSU’s, who have no memonetum on their side after three consecutive losses. To make matters even worse, arguable one of the NSU’s best players just had a season ending injury. Luckily, due to the small league size, they had a stellar Chris Ivory to fall back on. The Piru’s struck gold (this time for real, unlike how they assumed when drafting Hyde) with Devonta Freeman who continues to beast and feast. The salt will be kept low in this weeks section, since I feel sort of bad for the NSU’s… sike, they still suck.

Getting the win is crucial for both teams, since one is fighting their way to the top while the other is struggling to not end up last. With the previously injury-struck Piru’s, they get more and more options as the weeks go past us, returning one by one. The winner of this match up is hard to predict, considering that the NSU’s loves to go ham when up against the Piru’s.

Prediction: The Piru’s beat the NSU’s

Need. More. Wins.

Pima Block Oilers (101.47) vs. Arian Grande’s (108.60)

Finally. The Arian Grande’s finally get their first win of the season, showing us that they are capable of doing great things. Everything went flawlessly — Arian Fosters nasty stiff arm, Forsett coming clutch, and that brutal Denver defense. Whoo, hopefully every week ends up being like this.

Sadly, the Oilers ended up getting demolished by the AVTAR’s last week to the point where the GM of the AVTAR’s was trying to figure out a way to bend the system and some how donate his points. The Oilers were left no chance of making a come back by Sunday night. It was just one of those games for the AVTAR’s where they showed no signs of going down easy… fourth week in a row. Pima Block made some quick changes to accomodate for their injuries, picking up a solid QB (again!), and a WR to make up for Julio Jones. Hopefully, these changes help them make a return and show us what they are capable of.

The situation this match up creates is interesting. If things go in the Grande’s favor, they can jump up two spots in the rankings. In order for that to happen, the Oilers and NSU’s would have to lose, and the Grande’s would have to rack up the highest amount of points in the league. It’s possible, but not probable. Either way, getting another win this week will make it a lot easier to work their way up. The difference one win can make, huh?

Prediction: The Grande’s beat the Oilers

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