SJ Cuz Fantasy Football: Volume 8

After taking a bye week, here is The SMACKDOWN Week #8 Match-Up Predictions

Bompton Piru’s (116.34 : 4–4) vs. AVTAR’s Team (102.93 : 6–2)

The Piru’s, salty about their excessive waiver usage from early on in the season, made some discoveries that led to the increase from 10 moves allowed to 20 moves. Then, proceeded to once again, excessively attack the waivers. Oh well, it helped them win, continuing their “win-one-week, lose-the-next” trend. The AVTAR’s also won last week, keeping their #1 position.

The Piru’s got rid of their terrible QB, Russell Wilson, and picked up Phillip Rivers, who has been going crazy this season as he has no other option (terrible run game and defense). Bompton also traded away A.J. Green for Matt Forte in preparation of thier RB’s week 9 and 10 bye weeks. But, sadly, Forte ended up injured and the extent of his injuries is unknown. The Bears coach is calling him “day-to-day”, but he also said that about Alshon Jeffrey, for which the Piru’s waited for 5 weeks to return. Nevertheless, Forte is someone who is worth stashing on the bench until he returns, since he’s arguably a top 5 running back. Luckily for Bompton, a key part of AVTAR’s team (Arizona Defense) is on bye, but knowing their luck, the Jets defense will somehow end up as the best at the end of the week.

This is a hard match up to predict. Piru’s Devota Freeman is expected to shred the Niners defense this sunday, but the AVTAR’s have Todd Gurley. The piru’s have themselves a McManus, but the AVTAR’s have the GOATkowski. The Piru’s have Olsen, Newton’s favorite player to throw to, but the AVTAR’s have Eifert who’s been killing it. And not to mention, Bompton has two player’s playing on monday night while the AVTAR’s have none— the last time this happened between the two, the Piru’s lost.

Prediction: The AVTAR’s beat the Piru’s

“y u no use me coach”

Pima Block Oilers (101.75 : 3–5) vs. Not So UNDEFEATED (101.3:3–5)

The Pima Block Oilers reaction when they realized they left Brees in the bench. The Oilers come off of a devastating loss, falling down to last place. The NSU’s also lost last week, who had Landry and Houston defense on the bench. Had both of these teams made one or two changes, they would’ve won their match up. But, it’s fantsy football and you never know what is going to happen.

In hopes of getting better WR’s, the aquired A.J. Green in the past week. After Le’Veon Bell’s season ending injury, they were also able to snag two of the hottest waiver wire picks this week: DeAngelo Williams and Jeremy Langford. The NSU’s are one spot above the Oilers, who have also made a trade for a T.Y. Hilton and picked up a decent RB off the waiver. Both of these teams have been receiving a week perfomance from their WR’s lately, but I’d expect Julio Jones and most of the NSU’s WR’s bounce back this weekend.

This match-up is crucial, as the loser of this match will end up at the bottom of the league with a 3–6 record, making thier run to the playoffs even harder. Atleast 40% of both of these teams starters are also on a bye week. But, you never know, there are four weeks left after this one, and half of the league has the same record anyways.

Prediction: The Oilers beat the NSU’s

I didn’t know what else to use

Antonio’s Brownies (109.40 : 3–5) vs. Underwater Squad (90.53 : 5–3)

The Antonio’s Brownies also went ham on the waiver wire in the past two weeks, and may have picked up the Devonta Freeman on Wide Receivers, Stefon Diggs. The Underwater Squad won last week, with their team leaders being the Kicker, Justin Tucker, and RB Charcanderick West. The Brownies are looking to start another win streak, while the Underwater Squad is tryign to avoid dropping lower in the league rankings.

Both of these teams made some moves in the past few weeks to improve their roster. The Brownies aquired Eli Manning and the Underwater Squad dropped Blake Bortles. The Brownies also traded away T.Y. Hilton for Eddie Lacy, and Travis Kelce for Mark Ingram. It has been rumored that the Underwater Squad have been going around trying to trade for better WR’s before the deadline. Upon further inspection, I have concluded that it is due to Randall Cobb not living up to the hype, and the Underwater Squad has quite a few RB’s that can be shipped off.

This matchup is also heavily affected by the bye weeks and tough player match-ups. But, with the Brownies recent high scoring, they might win. But then again, the Underwater Squad has only lost 3 games all season.

Prediction: The Antonio Brownies beat the Underwater Squad

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