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The Social Justice + Engineering Initiative is Expanding!

Started by Ryan W. Bentz to honor his father, William Gordon Bentz, SJEI was born, and as champions for social and environmental justice, our mission is straightforward: to bridge resources with innovation and to engineer solutions that target the meaningful involvement of people for the common good.

With that idea in mind, SJEI’s mission and projects have started to develop. For example, our Educational Outreach which will consist of a 2-hour Lesson Plan and Capstone Project that educates the importance of social and environmental justice in engineering. And our Low-cost Household Greywater System seeks to significantly reduce water consumption and waste.

These projects are just the beginning for SJEI. We have plans to keep researching, developing, and executing projects and programs that allow us to join efforts with like minded individuals and organizations to raise environmental and social awareness in our society. These are some of the driving factors these new volunteers joined SJEI!

New Volunteers

Our organization’s principles are based on equity and diversity. Which is why we are ecstatic having volunteers from all over the world take part in our mission. And so, we are proud to announce most of the new volunteers that have joined our first cohort! We are pleased to introduce them below:

What’s next for SJEI?

The dedicated volunteers that we proudly announced here are the ones who will take SJEI to the next level and drive its mission and help lay the foundation of our organization. Their collaborative spirit will drive our research, development, and execution of our future projects and programs while focusing on our stated mission and goals.

We hope to be part of the positive technical change needed in the global perspective on the environment and social justice in engineering, and we want you to be part of it! You can do it by following us in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and here, in Medium. You can also join us as volunteer, we will be happy to have you! or you can donate here.

See you soon!

The Social Justice + Engineering Initiative




We seek to research, develop, and implement engineering practices, designs, products, and methods that promote social and environmental justice and overall sustainability.

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Valenttina Cardozo

Valenttina Cardozo

Chemical Engineer, volunteer at The Social Justice + Engineering Initiative.

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