Adopting The BASE(SBP) at SKG. Why we move to microservices

Binh Bui
Binh Bui
Sep 25, 2019 · 2 min read


Story 1:
One the bad day, my boss wants to review the whole AWS infrastructure. He said “Too many projects have not got value. Stop it” :(

Story 2:
We start a new project. The boss wants to release it to market a.s.a.p. We need to deploy a back-end as a service base. But if we use the monolithic application we must take care of many things: Servers, database, deployment…

Story 3:
One day, my boss asks me, “Hey, I want you to write a BASE project. It can adapt like a base package. With the BASE we can start a new project faster”. And I start thinking about the BASE.


After some months for researching, I decided to use microservice as main architecture for The BASE.

What are microservices?

Using serverless code like FaaS, web developers can focus on writing application code, while the serverless provider takes care of server allocation and backend services.

Reasons for the Move

There were a number of reasons we made the decision to move from a monolithic data center to a cloud-based microservices architecture. Consider a few things about Serverless paradigm:

  • Small and specifically written functions to perform tasks
  • You need to pay what you use
  • Changes in any small unit won’t affect the whole application
  • No need to manage servers and infrastructure by yourself
  • Deliver quickly and efficiently
  • Focus on the product instead of infrastructure management
  • Very cost-effective compared to other technologies

And The BASE first version

Today we a proud introduce a BASE package. We called it SBP. The SBP makes it easy to create, configure, and implement mobile and web apps powered by AWS. The SBP allows you to quickly set up authentication, analytics, push notifications…with a few commands. Let see more at GitHub.

SK Geek

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Binh Bui

Written by

Binh Bui

SK Geek

SK Geek

We Are IT Geeks — All things IT, … as noted by geeks.

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