Welcome to the New and Improved Skafos!

Since the beta launch of the Skafos platform in January, 2019, we had over 400 users sign-up to use the platform, and have received feedback from many of you. Thank you!

Based on your feedback, yesterday we launched a new and improved version of our platform to simplify and streamline the delivery of machine learning to the edge.

Here are some highlights:

Skafos Management and Delivery Dashboard

We have created an all-new management and delivery dashboard. Go to https://dashboard.skafos.ai/sign-up to sign-up and experience it for yourself. Our focus has been on creating a simple, intuitive user interface to navigate between different apps and deliver models to the edge.

The Skafos SDK is available at PyPi

Our new Python SDK, available via PyPi, enables you to go from your training environment and deliver models directly into the Skafos framework with a couple of lines of code. Already use IBM Watson, Google Colab, AWS Sagemaker, or your laptop? Perfect. Use the SDK to send your models directly to Skafos.

Our Swift Framework is available via Cocoapods and Carthage

Our new Swift Framework is available via both Cocoapods & Carthage and easily integrates with your existing XCode project, and our integration guide takes you step-by-step through this process.

Because of your feedback and our focus on delivering ML to the edge, we have removed our JupyterLab and Python runtime environments from the Skafos platform. Love training on Jupyter? No problem. You can leverage our Google Colab examples and Python SDK to get started.

We can’t wait to see what you do! As always, we’d love to chat with you on Slack.

Fire it up!